The latest survey of dentist’s attitudes towards general practice and ways of working shows trends in dentists wanting to focus on private dentistry.

A survey carried out by the DPA has confirmed anecdotal evidence of dentists wanting to focus on private dentistry.

  • 30% of dentists said that they did not meet treatment targets last year
  • 65% are having money clawed back
  • only 4% have received funding to accept new patients
  • 95% said that compulsory registration of nurses will increase staffing costs
  • 95% said that access to treatment has not improved
  • 85% said that the system of paying by “units” is not ideal
  • 26% said they intend to focus on private dental work

DPA spokeswoman said “These figures are concerning as they show that the drift of dentists to private practice is likely to continue to accelerate. They are using the three year period during which their earnings are guaranteed to plan an exit strategy from. Unlike the old system where funding allowed the dentist and provision could be expanded, at the moment dental funding is based on historical spending. Dentists are continuing to drift into the private sector due to the large disparity in terms and conditions between the public and private sectors. Even a small move of 5 – 10% of the dental workforce, this will cause a supply side shock. The job of commissioning has been delegaged regionally but must be viewed nationally.”

Dentistry is unique combination of academic, business and manual skills. The right system has to be in place to ensure standards and supply. Contact us for press details.