Dental experts are focused on delivering the best possible care for patients. A steady stream of dentists have been leaving the public sector for the private sector which has resulted in shortages.

The DPA has also welcomed initiatives to improve sugar labelling. Moves have ensured mandatory nutritional information is provided on packaged food products and this has been imposed on the food and beverage sector.

Sugar consumption in the UK is high, and research has shown that if shoppers are more informed they will make better choices when shopping. This will result in improved dental health for adults and children.

Consumers deserve to know what is inside the food they are buying as many foods contain high levels of concealed sugar. In addition to labelling, research should also link foods likely to lead to tooth decay so that consumers are able to make better choices. Effective prevention depends on information about the sugar content and decay potential of foods being readily available.

Foods that stick to teeth are more likely to cause decay than those which are chewed and swallowed. Some products such as raisins are thought to be healthy but contain large amounts of natural sugar. Other low sugar carbohydrate-type foods stick to the teeth and break down into sugar over a long period of time. Currently there is very little hard information on exactly which foods cause th emost decay. Contact us for additional information.