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…your business to reach an audience of 1,250 practices (that’s 3,000+ dental professionals) on a regular basis? More and more business is being done on the Internet and through us you can advertise on a highly targetted leading specialist dental site.


The DPA represents high-street dentists in the UK, negotiating on pay, terms and conditions both privately and in the NHS, and supporting our members on any other matter of relevance to general practice e.g. negotiations with Primary Care Trusts. We are committed to being the best association for general dental practitioners in the UK. Our web site is complementary to our journal, the gdp.

Banner creative must include live linking URL and ALT text. (ALT text must not exceed 55 characters including spaces).


UK-Dentistry.org does not allow banners to automatically download plug-ins or ask the user to download plug-ins. Advertisers must provide code that automatically recognizes whether or not the required plug-in is installed. If the plug-in is not detected, a backup GIF file must be served.

Advertisers must not modify the Menu command in the html which specifies what type of menu the viewer receives when right-clicking (Windows) or command-clicking (Macintosh) the movie area in the browser, (this must be left to the default of True).

Special Offer

For a limited period we are offering a 50 per cent discount on web site advertising, if you are advertising in the GDP journal.


UK-Dentistry.org cannot give information on clicks, click-throughs or impressions. You should rely on your own research. As the site increases in popularity and more pages are cached locally, page requests to our server can actually fall. This is a general problem with the Internet and not specifically with this site. For this reason, no usage statistics are available. We require 2 business days for implementation of campaigns and creative refreshes.

All prices ex-VAT where applicable. To discuss your campaign, or any other form of marketing, you are welcome to contact us.