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The DPA represents dental providers – professionals and practitioners. We advise, support and represent dentists in the UK. Membership is restricted to dentists in general practice (not academic, armed forces, clinical or community dentists). DPA has been representing over 2,500 dentists in the UK.

DPA Launches ‘Dental Shield’ Indemnity Plan

Dental Shield dental indemnity insurance for members is now available. The DPA decided to introduce an indemnity scheme because it is a statutory requirement, therefore of interest to all our members. You may know that any dentist can go to an insurance broker who can, in turn, go to a medical underwriter at Lloyd’s insurance market and obtain insurance—until now, this was only the route of last resort for dentists who had been refused insurance through one of the mainstream providers. We thought that the existing schemes were overpriced and complacent given the dynamic indemnity market in the 21st century and that our members deserve more choice and better value.

Dental Shield indemnifies you (currently up to £10m per claim or total in the year) in respect of any legal liability incurred in the course of professional services to a patient in the conduct of your business, arising out of a breach of professional duty consequent on any negligent act, error or omission causing injury.

Significant Cost Savings

The DPA approached the largest independent, privately owned, global insurance broker and with underwriters have developed a fully featured indemnity policy for dentists that covers you up to and including representation before the General Dental Council. The most immediately tangible benefit of Dental Shield is that we have managed to come in at a premium that is significantly below existing providers. Other insurers are typically charging about £1,850, DPL charges typically £1,525 but Dental Shield will typically be charging £1,250 a potential saving of around £500 every year depending on your current insurer.

If your type of practice has an atypical risk profile, the premium is adjusted accordingly—the proposal form gives you an opportunity to explain in detail how you work. As with the other schemes, this will rise if dentists are carrying out high risk procedures. Every dentist is assessed individually however we expect to come in below the existing insurers in most cases. This is because we already provide clinical advice to our members so they have already paid for that in their membership fee.

Which Type?

There are two types of indemnity—claims-incurred and claims-made. In the former the policy in force at the time when the negligent act occurred is responsible for the claim. In the latter the policy in force at the time the negligent act was notified is responsible for the claim.

Dental Shield is claims-made insurance. Much has been made of the difference between the two systems, but they both work in practice and neither has a clear advantage over the other. There is no compulsion to buy run-off cover, which can lead to uncompensated patients – so DPA Dental Shield has run-off cover for most circumstances built-in. In respect of death, permanent retirement or voluntary repatriation to country of origin then the cover continues for a period of 20 years from the expiry of the policy in force at the time of death, retirement or repatriation. In respect of maternity leave the current policy will be extended for a period of one year at no additional cost. Should you not return to work after maternity then the ‘Permanent Retirement’ provision will apply. Full details of the run-off provisions are available on application. Dental Shield is only available to DPA members and once accepted, cover can begin immediately.

DPA’s spokeswoman said “Indemnity against claims for professional negligence is a statutory requirement for all registered dental professionals and the DPA wanted to take a fresh look at this issue on behalf of its members and the wider profession. We were delighted to source bespoke cover that is pro-active and modern and fits our members’ requirements. We have worked hard to ensure that Dental Shield addresses so far as possible the current official dental requirements in respect of policies of this type and will continue to do so. In addition, with this type of policy the cover is guaranteed. I am proud that we have not only achieved an improvement on current policies but it can be delivered at a lower cost to members than existing options, representing a significant new member benefit.”

For current policy requirements please refer to BDA and GDC

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